Monday, October 06, 2008

Eh-hum # 257

Two articles on the much contested and yet approved Reproductive Health Bill, but different sets of opinions/POVs.

Hmmm, interesting to note that both sides believed they are winning the argument of whether or not the Filipinos should be wary of using contraceptives to tackle, among other things, population control.  Am sure you are familiar with this issue, so I won't be discussing specifics here.  Just for the record, I support the passage of this bill. And yes, I am Catholic.  So, what gives?

Well, I am generally pro-choice (but for the record, I am against abortion) and quite a practical person, so I don't find anything wrong with family planning via artificial means.  Its really a matter of choice.  With the economic conditions of the country, it would be understandable for couples to seriously think about the well-being of their children and future of their families.  If they feel that they need to use contraceptives, then so be it.  For me, it would be a greater sin if the parents miserably fail to properly feed their children or send them to school because their income is not enough to cover every child.   If and when the bill is passed, it's not the end of the world; it will ultimately be the parents' choice whether to use artificial and natural means to deal with reproductive issues.

Yun lamang.