Saturday, September 20, 2008

Eh-hum # 253

I went to school today hoping for some good news regarding my survey/Stat assignment. Unfortunately, things did not went according to plan so I have to make some adjustments in my schedule to meet my requirements for this semester. This is important because:

1. I have to maintain a certain grade (praying for at least a B-); and
2. This is my only subject for the semester, thus it would be extremely embarrassing if I fail (a big IF! Eh-hum).

Dear Lord...


This calls for some retail therapy. And I am very pleased I found this in my preferred bookstore:

Hard cover and less than a thousand pesos, very good indeed (of course am biased since its written by my favorite Python). The book is a, uh, book version of Mr Palin's latest adventure in what he describes as the "New" Europe (a discovery of the Europe he haven't explored, thanks to the Cold War). I have read the introduction and seen the initial photos (courtesy of Basil Pao). I must say, I am looking forward to finishing the rest of it (in due time, because I am still busy with my second Umberto Eco novel). Examining the book reminded me of my other dream job (next to Pixar animator): professional traveller/ adventure host, like Ian Wright (or Michael Palin in this case).

Wouldn't it be cool to travel the world for a living (and have the network pay for everything)? So many places to visit, cultures to experience, people to meet and food to taste. But of course, we will not be restricted to tourist destinations and fancy restaurants ala Lifestyle Network (which are not bad, by the way); I am talking about the travel shows in Discovery Channel and National Geographic Channel. Quite difficult since there will be situations wherein you will be forced to step out of your comfort zone (e.g. whacked-out bodily functions, near death experiences, exotic illnesses, custom officials); but I guess these challenges make the exploring and the travelling much more interesting, fulfilling, and life-changing.

But if I am bent on becoming an effective explorer and adventure host, I should learn/develop the following:

1. Learn to swim, or else will be forced to totally ignore places near coastlines and large bodies of water;
2. Develop one's immune system or resistance. Effective when you make your way through rainforests, mosquito infested areas and survive winter;
3. Travel light, or develop a strategy to cram everything you need in just one big back pack;
4. Work on my weak constitutions. To date, the only thing I ever eaten that's considered icky by many is an underaged chick in balut. I remembered trying not to smile after eating it for fear that the chick's feathers were still lodged between my teeth;
5. Nerves of steel, related to number 4. Useful when you ran out of tissue paper, or don't have a proper lavatory to begin with;
6. Map reading;
7. How to assemble a tent;
8. Hunting or food gathering skills (when push comes to shove);
9. Writing skills and a vast knowledge of adjectives, etc. (for good, impressive and share-worthy notes);
10. High tolerance for alchohol. Comes in handy in case a tribal chief force gallons of their nasty local liquor down your throat; and
11. Patience



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