Sunday, June 29, 2008

Eh-hum # 245

There are a few things in my mind right now, a couple of which are making me quite uncomfortable. Its not really a problem, but if not handled properly, it could spell trouble for me. This all came about last Friday, when I spoke to two different people with different sets of news. But like most in this world, its all interconnected. Again, its making me uncomfortable, the reality of it all.

I thought I could use some enlightenment. Thus, I asked my siblings' opinions. Whenever my sister spends her weekends in Novaliches-land, we would have these mini-conferences in the kitchen, usually when our parents retire to their room for an afternoon nap. Having these talks are very helpful in times of distress, because it puts everything in perspective.

I am thankful for having smart/witty siblings.


People turn to food for comfort when agitated. Well, this doesn't really apply to me since I eat comfort food on a regular basis. What I do is nothing new: retail therapy. However, instead of clothes or shoes, I buy books.

What better way to temporarily escape your worries than to indulge oneself to some good reads and get lost within the pages of a book/novel. And here, in my opinion anyway, are some interesting literary works.

A month ago, I purchased Fugitive Pieces, a story about a Polish boy who lost his family during the Holocaust (narrowly escapes being killed by the Nazis) and was adopted by a Greek archaeologist. The book also talks about his life after immigrating to Canada, marriage and writing poems. Its a wonderful story, and it moved me. There is something so poignant about children surviving an extremely unfortunate event then trying to live a normal life afterwards. I also learned that the novel was translated to the big screen and premiered at the 2007 Toronto International Film Festival.

The other book I bought last Saturday, hence, I haven't finished it yet. With its lead characters on a quest, my newest acquisition can be considered an arcane mystery. Yes, its both exciting and frightening. Why? Because The Historian takes another look on the historical Dracula, and the myth that was (and still is) associated with him.


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