Monday, June 09, 2008

Eh-hum # 243

While waiting for the train this morning, I noticed a movie poster for Made of Honor right across from where I was standing.

Patrick Dempsey is handsome, no doubt about that, and his popularity will make it the movie, uh, popular among the ladies. However, the movie is like a male version of my Best Friend's Wedding, except the lead guy wins and gets the girl in the end. But I thought the groom was interesting as well, being Scottish and all. Hehehe.

I did not consult Wikipedia for the plot (which is obvious), but for the actor who plays the groom, Kevin McKidd. In the said poster, you can see only 1/3 of the groom's face, but I thought he looked awfully familiar, until I confirmed that it was indeed Lucius Vorenus in a tux.

If I were the girl in the story, I would be quite in a bind. So, the choice is yours ladies. Would you rather be "examined" by the charming, dreamy doctor or act out any scene from Rome with a tough and principled centurion (complete with costume)?

*This post is brougt to you by (my wish to purchase) the DVD set of the HBO series Rome. Thank you.

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