Monday, May 05, 2008

Eh-hum # 234


My sister's home for the weekend after spending five days in Baguio. Hence, the house became noisier with more trips to the kitchen for family discussions and before dinner snacks.

After being tag-teamed by my siblings, I finally was able to watch 300. Its a bit late, but watching movies months after it has been shown in theaters is a habit of mine, so am not complaining (part of my "against-the-flow" philosophy, I guess). And I am certainly NOT complaining about this:

Let me just repeat what I've said before, those abs are REAL...real...real. If Gerard Butler gets any more hotter than he already is, we might just found an alternative source of energy.


I am a bit annoyed that one of my new blouses is ruined no thanks to a few loose threads. When I first saw the rip (it could be caused by a washing machine mishap or apathetic ironing), I wanted retribution since I used it only once and it did cost me some hard-earned money. However, I realized later on that putting the blame on other people (particularly household help) will not make it any better and I ought to find other ways to have it fixed so that a relatively new blouse won't go to waste.

One option was to have it replaced, but I figured it won't fly since it has been more than a week. I could also try asking the boutique (where I purchased it) if they could fix it. Or visit a shop that specializes in these things.

Oh well. The bottomline is, I am trying not to make this incident ruin my Monday. Or the fact that I am sniffling and coughing since yesterday. But thanks to a certain coffee shop near work, I am feeling much better.

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