Friday, November 30, 2007

Eh-hum # 216

It was beyond television drama, and I was honestly worried that there will be bloodshed yesterday that would (unfortunately) make martyrs out of them. "Them" being Senator Trillanes, Brig. Gen. Lim, former VP Guingona, members of the Magdalo group and people from civil society groups/orgs.

It started out as a daring courtroom walkout, but as events began to unfold, it turned out to be a bad idea. PDI online's headlines: Trillanes revolt crushed. Below are some of my thoughts on the incident yesterday:

1. I was quite thankful that there were NO politicians who went to the hotel during the standoff. Perhaps the PNP were the first on the scene so they couldn't take charge of the situation without having to deal with Mamang Pulis General Avelino Razon. Or that they felt the revolt of sorts will not prosper because it failed to garner civilian support (read: no voters present, so why go). Or that to be associated with a radical like Trillanes et al would kill any chance they have for 2010. Hmmmm.

2. Management of the Manila Peninsula Hotel said that 310 out of 497 rooms were occupied before the standoff began. Great, thanks a lot for scaring the tourists/investors and robbing the Manila Pen and its employees valuable and hard-earned income. Not to mention their very festive lobby.

3. Maybe its just me, I find it ironic that a Senator would defy the law by disrespecting the court (a desperate move indeed). Besides, I don't think he became a Senator because he was qualified; I agree to the comments made earlier that it was a protest vote against PGMA.

4. If Trillanes stated his case at court, there could be a chance that the justice he seeks will be served. Staging a mutiny for a second time, defying the courts and putting innocent civilians in jeopardy again...oi, it doesn't look too good for him and his co-horts.

5. Guingona should've retired peacefully. Or if he really wants to get involved, do it in a way that would earn respect, not humiliation. Furthermore, if you are more than 80 years old, it is not a good idea to join a mutiny led by armed mavericks.

6. Media people should've listened the first time (or second time) when they were asked to leave the premises. They said it was part of their job to continue reporting. True, and I admire them for that. However, they should also understand that it is the job of the PNP to ensure that all of the mutineers are accounted for (like the last two Magdalo members who were found hiding in the hotel during clearing operations). While its good that the media people were all released last night, I still don't think its "overkill".

7. Trillanes exploited the media (who followed him around to get his comments, etc) and used them as a protective shield when he went down to the lobby to inspect the sorroundings, the first time since they got to the hotel. Am sorry, that's not kagitingan in my book.

8. Senators should have one staff dedicated to watching the news, taking note of every detail expressed. For instance, Senator Mar Roxas (a guest at DZMM) asked about the curfew and its effects on call center agents. Well, that was answered like, an hour ago when Secretaries Puno and Gonzales were giving a presscon at Malacanang and Secretary Teodoro was being interviewed by Ted Failon and his lady love (and ticket to 2010) Korina Sanchez.

9. As it turns out, the curfew did garner some positive results. Sleazy joints were empty, no drunkards roaming the streets. Would it kill to be a little more disciplined? And no, we are not under martial law. People, pay attention!

10. Makati, again?! What's up with that? Mayor Binay seems not too keen in keeping the city safe from coup plotters and mutineers. At this rate, businesses will move to other places, like Quezon City. Well, that's good news for us.

Finally, 11. While the whole thing was a dud, the government, especially the President, should not take it lightly. Trillanes is reckless and arrogant, but their grievances are rooted in real life. If the government (meaning everybody, from the President to the kagawad, administration and opposition alike) does not shape up, there will be more of these in the future. The Filipinos, particularly the tax payers, don't deserve this kind of drama. Geeez, I hope your trip in Europe will bring good news, madame President. By the way, whats with the entourage? Eh-hum.

Oh yeah, today, is Bonifacio Day. Let us not forget that. :)

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