Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Eh-hum # 213

I can't believe I am posting this just now. He's in Subic for crying out loud. I mean, we're practically breathing the same air.

It was Monday. I was in school and just hanging out in the library (where it is properly and comfortably ventilated and quiet). I logged on and proceeded to do the usual stuff, like checking my email. When I got to the blog-hopping part of my Internet itinerary, I totally flipped-out. In his Sunday post, Neil Gaiman casually mentioned that he, in 18 hours, was about to leave for the Philippines. Holy of all holiness...

I felt kind of bad for not making an effort to see the Fab Five when they visited the country last year, since they were a MRT away (from Ayala Malls I mean). So I am not about to make the same mistake again.

>Kindly visit for more information on Mr Gaiman's Manila tour. He's in Subic most of the time for the 20th Philippine Ad Congress, but on Sunday, he will be at Fully Booked at the Fort. Gaiman fans unite!

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