Saturday, October 06, 2007

Eh-hum # 204

Part of being a (good) older sister is being supportive of your sibling's (school or everyday life) endeavors.

Ergo, if you are living in the Philippines (preferably living within Metro Manila) and are in dire need of some sleek, cool and high-quality footwear, please visit to view, choose and order a pair(s) of Adidas and Nike shoes to your liking. (By the way, he's also selling Rubbermaid products, JanSport bags and JBL headphones).

Thanks in advance.

(You may ask, did I buy any of these shoes? Unfortunately, I cannot. Well, I would if I have some cash. After my Japan stint, I decided to return to grad school to finish my MA. So, I am a "bum" as of the moment. Sigh)

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