Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Eh-hum # 196

I am not big on shoes (pretty much into sneakers) like most women, but I am an avid reader of this superfantastic blog. And no, he's not Manolo Blahnik. He's simply known as the Manolo (be prepared, there will be a lot of THEs in this post. That's how the superfantastics refer to themselves...might start doing it myself, heheheh).

The Manolo has impeccable tastes when it comes to shoes, and gives wonderful advice to those seeking his wisdom on the right footwear for the right occassion. Plus, the Manolo's honest, subtle, enligthening and witty remarks does not fail to amuse, especially when he is sharing his superfantastic opinions on the rather unusual side of celebrities and fashion. Like this one: the Crocs.

I don't own a pair, and perhaps will never will, because I have been exposed to the teachings of the Manolo. For the Manolo, they are the "hot trend in footwear for the lazy person", and he even went far by describing them as an "abomination". Hence, the Manolo and his loyal readers are one a mission to put a stop to the "rise of the consuming evil that is the Croc".

They seem comfortable, but I agree that one shouldn't wear them unless they are near bodies of water, planting their favorite flowers or are toddlers. Plus, I have heard/read of horror stories about children getting their feet caught in the escalator while wearing these clogs. Obviously, these should be worn only at home, where there are no escalators and no one, save your family, can see you wearing them. Eh-hum.

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