Thursday, August 09, 2007

Eh-hum # 194


I first learned about Scott Meyer, the creator of Basic Instructions, when I logged in to get my daily dose of the word according to Scott Adams. Mr Adams featured Basic Instructions in his recent post and thought it was funny. Like a good Dilbert fan, I decided to take a look. And I was not disappointed.

Its not your typical comic strip because of the format and that its a bit wordy (its suppose to be a guide, afterall). But the humor is smart, sarcastic and LOL hilarous, just the way I like it. The "instructions" are not to be taken too seriously, of course. Nonetheless, the situations found in Meyer's strips can be considered as true-to-life, and perhaps some of us may similar experiences as well. Plus, I like the black and white images/drawings, its not distracting. It kind of reminds me with a certain graphic novel that I would like to get my hands on. Should he decide to compile his works in a book, I would also definitely buy one. Visit the site and prepare to be amazed. Seriously.

A sample of Meyer's humor (just click on the image for a better view):


Jax said...

dude, when are you leaving japan? i might be going to japan, sept 13. tokyo nga lang.

HENYO said...

hey! September 23 pow. wow, business or pleasure? Sana may pagkakataon na magkita tayo.