Friday, July 13, 2007

Eh-hum # 181

Its raining...well, rain.

Its has been raining since last night, and that's because a powerful typhoon (named Man-yi) has struck Okinawa and will most likely to head north towards the main island over the weekend. Since coming from a tropical country, I'm pretty much used to typhoons, which comes on almost a weekly basis during the Philippines' rainy season. But since I am away from the comfort of my home, uh, back home, I'm quite worried. The news wasn't any help either, and I quote, "The storm, classified as a category 4 typhoon by British-based Web site Tropical Storm Risk (, was expected to increase the activity of the annual rainy season front and pound much of Japan with heavy rain over an extended holiday weekend...It is currently predicted to come close to Kyushu on Saturday morning before turning eastward and weakening, brushing close to Tokyo on Monday."

Great...well, at least it will be cooler. Also, since Japan has an excellent sewerage system, I doubt we will be experiencing waist/knee-high floods. We'll just have to be extra careful then. Eh-hum.

(Picture from CNN.COM)

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