Saturday, June 30, 2007

Eh-hum # 175

Visited YouTube and had another trip down memory lane. Sigh

ReBoot was (and I guess it still is) one of may favorite animated series of all time, I was in high school when it was broadcasted in the Philippines. When it debuted in the mid-1990's, it was credited as the first full-length computer-generated animated TV series. It was intended for children, but as the story themes grew darker and more references to computer terms and pop culture were included, it began attracting older fans.

ReBoot is set in the city of Mainfraime, a metropolis that exists inside a computer owned by the "User". When the User decides to play a game, it wreaks havoc on the city and its inhabitants. This is where Bob the Guardian comes in. Aside from defeating the User in the games, he protects the city from viruses, including the series' main antagonist, Megabyte.

Despite a cliffhanger season 4 finale, it was said that there are no plans to continue the series. Many fans have tried to convince Mainframe Entertainment (the producers) to revive the show but to no avail. I wish that they would. While I am not big on computer stuff, I enjoyed watching the series because of the animation and the humor. Plus, it has some great characters, even the villain (Megabyte) has his cool moments.

The video below is the finale of season 3, which summarizes the whole season 3 through song and dance. Yep, its a musical. Enjoy!

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