Monday, June 11, 2007

Eh-hum # 165

Me blog's third birthday is coming up. THREE YEARS...I have been maintaining the henyo blog for three years! Not bad as far as I'm concern. Here's to more blogging (mis)adventures!

Well, our pseudo-vacation from school is about to end. Kobe University classes are suspended until June 12 (Philippine Independence Day), thanks to the concern of a measles outbreak in the Hyogo-ken universities. As you know, several universities in Tokyo have cancelled theirs due to an alarming number of students who were/are infected with the illness (I think the largest number was 30). So far, only one student from Kobe U has been confirmed of getting sick, but they decided to suspend classes anyway. Well, I am not at all worried, I received measles shot when I was a kid. Moreover, I haven't been out lately, which lessens the probability of me getting infected.

So what have I been upto? Unfortunately, nothing much, just the usual. I spent a great deal of time studying my nihongo and doing some assignments (and watching videos on the Internet; though I wish I took time to go over my readings). Its not so bad, but it can be quite boring. Moreover, I was kept busy by household chores, which is not only tiring, but downright sad. Then again, you have no choice but to do it...or my room will end up like a pig sty or that I will be spending a lot of dough on obento.

Speaking of dough, I did a bit of accounting recently. What prompted me to do so was the fact that in less than four months, I will be coming home to the motherland and therefore will need to do some shopping for pasalubong and for the plane ticket. And in order to do so, I need to save and monitor my expenses closely. Cooking my own helps a lot (I am particularly proud of this. I am no gastronome, but before coming to Japan, I just eat), so is buying discounted train tickets. I still want to do a little sightseeing and buy some books, but I have alreadly set aside money for that. In short, me dying of boredom, lack of sunlight or hunger is definitely a no-no.

One of my target gifts (obviously, not for me):

Note: While writing this, I was surprised by the sound of a barking dog. That rarely happens, especially for such a place where my dorm is located. Its so quiet here that dropping a pin would create a ruckus...well, I think so anyway.

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