Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Eh-hum # 163

I slept late...rather, early the next the day thanks to Mystery Science Theater 3000 clips I found on YouTube. Here's an example:

Please listen to the side comments by the three guys (actually, one guy and two puppet/robots) seated before the screen, like in the movie theater. More on this later on. ;) Enjoy!

UPDATE: Well, hope you like that, cause I certainly did. Fans of the series uploaded several MST3K clips on YouTube, so better check it out if you want more.

I for one, remembered watching the movie version of the series a couple of years back (on HBO, I think) and it killed me. The premise of the comedy series was (yep, was, the show's run ended in 1999...bad) about a regular guy (Mike in later episodes) trapped in a satellite in space and forced to watch B-science fiction movies and propaganda shorts as part of two mad scientists' experiment. To fight boredom and subsequent insanity, Mike created four robots, two of them became his companions during the film-viewing sessions (Tom Servo and Crow T Robot). The mad scientists' scheme was that when they found a movie so bad that it would drove Mike crazy, they would use it in their quest for world domination by turning everyone on Earth into mindless zombie slaves . However, this proved to be quite a challenge, as Mike and his two robot sidekicks make a running commentary on the film, making fun of its flaws among others. This basically keeps them from going nuts...and this is what the viewers enjoy the most. The series became immensely popular and have a strong following. Moreover, it was also critically acclaimed, as it won a Peabody Award in 1993.

Highly recommend it to people who enjoy wisecracking humor and witty, sarcastic remarks; something to keep us all from going insane.

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