Sunday, May 27, 2007

Eh-hum # 160

Just a thought.

When Royals Become Rock Stars...

I remembered reading this article from TIME about two months ago about the Showtime series entiled "The Tudors", and it includes a new take on the courtly life, passion and troubles of a young Henry VIII (i.e. his first marriage which he is not happy with and that Boleyn girl, Anne). Of course, we know that Henry does not sing, nor a leader of a 15th Century rock band, but what I find amusing here is how the term rock star is applied in the article.

As mentioned, a rock star (or stars) refers to famous singers of rock music. But in this case, it is used to describe someone who could be considered unique, cool and edgy in his own right (Eh-hum, couldn't agree with it more: casting Jonathan Rhys Meyers as Henry VIII in his prime). I've heard its also been used in other areas, such as business. For instance, a "rock star CEO" could mean that he/she has the charisma, the leadership skills, and the drive to succeed (among other things).

Calling somebody a rock star sans band isn't so bad; for me, its a positive thing. Of course, not everybody could be called as such. Having said that, it would be okay to consider even Jesus Christ a rock star. Before you throw rocks at me, let me just say that I meant that in a good way. Afterall, compared to the religious leaders of his time, Jesus was sort of a maverick, in a good way. It took a lot of strength on his part to fulfill God's divine plan:

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