Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Eh-hum # 156

I cannot believe its already Wednesday, and then its downhill from the weekend, I mean. I am truly amazed how time flies, particularly when you are busy. I am not that busy...well not yet, at least. While I make it a point to attend to my nihongo classes and visit the library, I make time to go out with friends, stay at the residence to log on the Internet (and update the henyo blog) and spend time with the family online.

I try to call home once a week. Last week, I did; when I greeted my mom a Happy Mother's Day. Unfortunately, it was a short phonecall since my phonecard allowed 10 minutes worth of correspondance at that time (I have yet to visit my friendly neighborhood convenient store to recharge the card). I usually call using the very high-tech and the very free Yahoo! Messenger, but it takes time to set up the computer at home, hence I had to use my mobile.

When speaking to my mom, I need more than 10 minutes. She has stories to tell and rumors to share, which makes my day, really. And then there would be the occassional question and answer segment of our conversation, wherein I ask for cooking tips/easy to make recipes and she would also ask me about my studies among other things. But when we have the chance to talk this weekend, it would take even more time: we have balikbayans.

My mother's oldest sister and her two sons are now in the Philippines. My tita went home in 1999, but my kuyas have not returned to the country since they were kids. Hence, I can imagine how excited the rest of the family are, especially my younger cousins, to meet my cousins from Texas for the first time in years. And I couldn't help to feel a little envious; missing out on all the festivities that come when relatives from abroad would spend a much deserved vacation in the motherland. For the first time since I arrived here in Japan, I felt pangs of homesickness. Nothing too serious of course, but the feeling is annoying.

Now, before I go to a friend's home for our Wednesday gathering, I've decided to channel this rather negative energy into something more productive: read a whole chapter on Asian Maritime Security. I hope it works. ;)

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