Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Eh-hum # 144

Last week, I turned:

Sounds scary, since I'll be 30 in three years time. But no worries, really. I'm all up for aging, its something we cannot stop (actually, if I had superpowers, it'll be to control time...hweheheh), so we better make the most of it. I guess, the trick is not to look your age; and yes, I have been quite successful in that area; people still I am in my early twenties! Hmmm...baby fat have some use afterall.

Or it could be my easy-going attitude. Nonetheless, I always thought of myself to be serious, being the eldest child and all. I (sort of) fancied myself to be third in command in our household (after my dad). Therefore, in my thinking, I should be the strong, trustworthy, responsible ate, capable of upholding the peace and enforcing the law (my mother's). I also enjoy being the leader, particularly in school. Though it meant more work, but I like the idea that people look up to me for guidance and decision-making. It feeds the ego, most definitely, but I always remembered not to overdo it, or less I will make myself worry about the smallest things.

Now, not so. I like to keep myself busy, have some responsibility. That's cool, but I don't want stress. When the going gets tough, the tough gets going...with a sense of humor, of course. Being relaxed, or having an optimistic attitude keeps your brain from exploding during times of constraint. Of course, it would help that you have some preparation (or contingency plan) before pursuing any task so that you can easily avert any potential mishap. But still, I believe attitude has a role. Also, I would rather have wrinkles from smiling/laughing than from being stressed-out.

I guess, all I want to say is...life is not all work.

And at this age, I still stop and admire the cherry blossoms.

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