Thursday, April 05, 2007

Eh-hum # 141

I was in deep thought on my way home from my Wednesday Bible Study...well, not really. But it was enough to ruin my evening (wasn't able to catch enough ZZzzz's...crap).

Then from the back of my mind, I heard myself say (or shout): STOP IT! AREN'T YOU a little OLD TO BE INSECURE OF OTHER PEOPLE!?

A note to myself...(REPEAT AFTER ME) You are not competing with other people, but with yourself. Sometimes, you can't help but compare yourself to others; and in doing so, you realized that you're not as smart, pretty, rich, talented, popular, friendly as the other person. You weaknesses are magnified ten times more and whatever achievements you have in the past doesn't seem to matter. In short, you are not FREE.

A couple of weeks back, a friend said that one must know oneself before he/she can be considered free. Makes sense: knowing your strengths, not chained down by your flaws, being true to yourself, and not giving a rat's ass what other people might think. You are your own master and you control your own destiny. Sweeeet.

An appreciation of oneself is hard, especially if you are constantly reminded by your surroundings that people are imperfect beings. HUH?! You realize that the supposedly picture perfect individuals are human beings too; ergo, they have their own problems as well. And yeah, they will be too busy facing these to even notice your shortcomings.

Take a leap of faith. Grow up. Don't be afraid to make decisions or to make mistakes (The only man who makes no mistakes is the man who never does anything. - Theodore Roosevelt). Get to know yourself more and you might be surprised how strong you really are, how interesting a person you can be. Bring out whatever talents God has given you, He has definitely blessed you with grace. Others have more, but you cares? Your worth cannot be measured by material things, your integrity cannot be bought by money. You are a human being who has yet to unlock his God-given abilities, loved by a supportive family and trusted by friends. No one in this world is the same as you. You are you and only you can make the decisions that will lead you to your goals.


Oh yeah, advance happy birthday!

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