Monday, March 05, 2007

Eh-hum # 137

Ancient history plus revolutionary cinematic style plus Gerard Butler equals LOVE. Watch this trailer and prepare yourselves for war...

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Here's an interesting post from Scott Adams' blog. FYI, Mr Adams is the creator of the (intelligently and wickedly) funny comic strip Dilbert. His point on getting paid to not do anything is interesting. Enjoy!

North Korea – The Funniest Regime

There are many amusing things about North Korea: The national color is gray. Their Dear Leader is a cross between a Chia Pet and a douche bag. And they used up all of their food money to make nuclear weapons, so they can trade those nuclear weapons for food.

The North Korean recipe for stir fried chicken looks like this:

- Build a nuclear warhead
- Trade the nuclear warhead for a chicken (remember to ask for change)
- Kill the chicken
- Stir fry it

Recently I had the thought that North Korea might NOT be a country full of douche bag-worshipping ignoramuses. What if they are super geniuses and we’re totally being scammed? I can see a few signs of that.

For example, whenever you see a picture of a city in North Korea, it’s always empty except for a random guy or two, and a car in the distance. My theory is that these are fake cities, and the people are actors. The real North Korea is underground, in palatial, futuristic cities. Everything above ground is strictly for show.

The North Korean appearance of desperation allows them to trade nukes for massive amounts of aid. If the West knew that the North Koreans live in underground palaces, and have lots to lose, we’d just threaten to blow the crap out of their favorite stuff. But we don’t know about the secret underground cities. And there’s nothing on the surface of North Korea that’s worth blowing the crap out of, except for that one car, and it’s probably a rental. So we figure it’s better to send them money in return for – and this is the genius part – North Korea NOT doing something.

We’re pretty smug about our capitalism, where we exchange actual goods and services for money. But I think you’d have to agree that the North Korean system of agreeing to NOT produce any goods and services, in return for massive amounts of money, is a better way to go. I haven’t seen the ROI, but it has to be pretty sweet.

You should borrow a bit of the North Korean method the next time you’re negotiating a raise: “I want $80,000 per year to do the work, and I want another $100,000 to not set the building on fire.”

Let me know how that goes.

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