Saturday, February 24, 2007

Eh-hum # 134

Wala lang, some random pics. Hehehehe.

Picture of a Shrine (near JR Kobe Station) I went to after New Year's Day. Though a Christian, still offered prayers for good health and prosperity this 2007.

Me and few friends visited a Tasaki Shinju, a pearl and jewelry company, museum and this is one of their many elaborate and expensive pieces. The symbol of the company, the swan is sitting on ripples of white pearls while its wings, neck and breast part are encrusted with diamonds. Nice.

Taken early February while I was on my way home. Sign that spring will come earlier this year.

First shot taken using my cellphone; Sannomiya at night.

While taking a break at Starbucks, saw this hip father watching his uber-cute baby boy examine his cellphone. Bonding sila.

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