Sunday, February 04, 2007

Eh-hum # 129

Wow, can't believe its February already, which means I have been living in Japan for a litte over four months now. Asteeeg...time flies when you're having fun, how true is that? Hehehehe.

When I am not busy studying (which may also mean that I am too lazy to do so), I watch some Japanese television. As I have observed, there three major components present in almost all Japanese talk shows I've seen: first, the hosts usually consists of a guy, or two guys, and a girl; second, the show would feature a lot of celebrities (artists, sports heroes, etc) and have them discuss a series of topics; and third, the crazy, colorful set designs. Aside from talk shows, they would also have these programs which I refer to as Japanese style reality television. These shows are not as sensationalized or far fetched as the ones in the US. These shows would usually involve a celebrity or two and a task (or set of tasks) for them to accomplish. In the process of completing their tasks, they meet and interact with the locals or even encounter star-struck fans. One program I saw involved Japan's number one actor, singer, hearthrob Kimura Takuya. Kimura was accompanied by a male host and a female comedian (Pinku, I think that's what they call her) and the task for the three of them was to promote Kimura's new tv drama. My favortie part of the whole episiode was when they visited (unannounced, most likely) an all-female University in Tokyo. Imagine the reaction of a hundred or more girls after realizing that Kimura is in their campus. And the girls who had the opportunity to see him up close (or even touch him) went into giggling/screaming fits. Its so hysterical that it was actually amusing. Heheheheh.

Since we are already on this subject, my reading and composition sensei said that Kimura is perhaps the only Japanese actor who did not lose his edge after he got married (also a Japanese singer, I think). Initially, I did not find him that goodlooking, until I found out that he also co-starred in the critically acclaimed Chinese film 2046 (see pic below; Kimura with Chinese singer/actress Faye Wong). Asteeg.


Something for you Dragon Ball Z/martial arts fans out there. Cool video, eventhough it was done indepedently:

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