Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Eh-hum # 105

Dito sa amin sa Research, ang walang ginagawa ay OP...mga adik kami sa trabaho...

How did I spend my weekend? Working as part of the secretariat in writeshop, what else? My boss, a colleague, my sister (!?) and I were in Silang, Cavite for a Family Welfare writeshop. It was quite tiring but we were able to finish ahead of schedule. On the other hand, I would very much would like to spend my weekends at home, watching TV till I get a migraine. Unfortunately, duty calls and I am compelled to answer. My sister had a blast though and is eager to echo some insights to her students in MC (yep, she's a teacher; a noble profession if you ask me).

This post will be dedicated to W-O-R-K, so it's not going to be that long. We are booked these last two weeks of June. YES...LAST TWO WEEKS. It crazy man, just crazy, how time flies when you're having...uh, fun.

I am not particularly good at public speaking, let alone conducting a lecture. But beginning today until Friday, I will be attending a course for potential trainors on dispute management/resolution which is sponsored by the "mother ship" and that country down under. I am about to burst a vein just thinking about it: speaking in front of 15 or so persons, each with a considerable amount of ego (what if I can't freaking answer their freaking questions!?). To keep myself from having a nervous breakdown, I just think that this would be a GREAT opportunity for me to develop my speaking skills...or lack thereof.