Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Eh-hum # 89

How did I celebrate Valentines Day?

By taking a leave from work and spending the whole day at school to study for my mid-terms. Nonetheless, it was our (kasambahay) Merly's birthday so it was all good. She treated us last Sunday: we had Tropical Hut goodies for dinner (black gulaman...YUM). As I said, it was all good.


I just realized that one year ago...I posted a post (duh) on Valentines the day was the "bane of singles everywhere...a reminder that they are (still) unattached". This includes me, of course. But as I have said before, this is not really that big a deal. Being my nerdy self, I even wrote information on the history of the holiday, including a link to a source (I forgot what site). BWAHAHAHAHA! Its actually funny, but at the same time weird.

Weird...I have come to realize (pagkatapos ko mag-munimuni) that my being single is cause by my preference not to be kikay...or taking the time to pretti-fy myself (hwehehe) to get noticed. Nowadays, I see how too kikay and frivilous some young girls to the point it becomes silly. What's more silly is that they do this not for themselves but for the "viewing pleasure" of the opposite sex. Growing up, I only look into the basics of neatness, not attempting to put make-up (confession: I actually do not know how) on or whatever.

On the other hand, I am somehow waiting the estrogen to kick-in seeing that I am too...uh, "nonchalant" about being a girl. I guess, it wouldn't kill me to be a lady every now and then...but then again...

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