Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Eh-hum # 71

Much to talk about...really, really.

First of all, I had another career change.

Apparently, my "stint" in Makati did not work out. When an offer to return to the Government came, I decided to grab it; the waiting and praying paid off pretty well. Yes, I am now a researcher for the Government. To say where is matter of national security (eh-hum).

My three months in the said Makati office was interesting and I enjoyed the company of my officemates in the department where I was assigned. It was both interesting and a learning experience. However, the type of work I was doing was becoming somewhat monotonous. Also, commuting from home to the office and also to school was not soo much tiring but expensive.

Since this new opportunity has been given to me (though I did worked for it), I intend to work hard and learn more. Perhaps this could be a start of something big.

Second, is the issue of losing weight.

Me, the I-don't-care-about-my-weight type person, is considering of losing the dreaded extra, extra, extra pounds I have accumulated through the years by enrolling in a gym, "treadmilling" on weekends and making use of our athletics day at work. Also included is harnessing my willpower to just say cakes and other sugary delights.

I don't let my weight get the best of me, however, my mother's side of the family has a negative health history, meaning cases of heart problems, diabetes and high blood. Recently, I noticed that I am feeling a slight pain in my left knee (or is it the right?). Quite alarming for someone is only 25 (YES, ONLY 25, take note). Also, the added fat causes me to have some hormonal imbalance...which I would rather not discuss in detail.

Since I am a non-believer of liposuction and other going under the knife techniques of losing weight, I am considering of doing everything THE HARD WAY. If I can only figure out when to start. And so, the battle for the bulge begins...

Third, is my masters.

This will be just short. I am glad to announce that I have completed 15 units or 1 year of my graduate education. Though I know there's a lot of work to be done, I am looking forward what this coming semester will feature. I am also working on how to balance both school, my new work and as I mentioned earlier, exercising.

I am looking forward to the long weekend this coming All Soul's/Saint's Day. We'll be marching to the cemetery to keep company our departed loved ones. Much has been going on within the family and I hope nothing unexpected or uncomfortable will happen. Oh well...


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