Thursday, June 30, 2005

Eh-hum # 67

Lapse of Judgement

There were mixed reactions when the President has admitted and apologized on national television that she did contacted a COMELEC official during the 2004 Elections (However, I was only able to watch the first part of the message). Some lauded her effort and in that sense, "accepted" the apology while others seem to appreciate the effort but still would want to know the truth behind the tapes. As expected, the radical ones quickly interpreted it as proof of her cheating in the elections. Its a paradox really; whether the President keeps her silence or not, she will still be "condemned" by members of the Opposition and militant groups. The Administration ensured the public that the President did not cheat the elections. But still, the tapes put her in a compromising position since she was the incumbent during that time. While this is the time to lawfully find the truth behind the tapes and the allegations of election fraud, public opinion is fueled by speculations by the media. Too much speculations ultimately prevents us from answering this question: How did the President's conversation got wire-tapped in the first place?

Again, I am for the investigation of this issue by means allowed by our Constitution. Anything beyond that will be detrimental to our economy; We cannot keep resorting to a people power movement to solve our nation's problem. We need to FOCUS!!! The Opposition and militant groups are urging the public to take this fight to the streets. Honestly, with Susan Roces leading them, CAN THEY URGE THE MIDDLE AND UPPER CLASSES TO JOIN THEM? EH-HUM! Do they honestly think that Poe's widow has the capability to lead? She can stir emotions (she's an actress afterall), but I doubt she can be an effective leader.

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