Saturday, June 18, 2005

Eh-hum # 65

It just dawned on me that the HENYO blog is already a year old. Sweet. Though I must admit that I was unable update it as often as I initially wanted, at least that this project didn't just...vanish. Not bad at all. Happy blogging to me and to all you bloggers out there. :)


In my January 20, 2005 entry, I mentioned that I wanted to see two films: Mr. and Mrs. Smith and Batman Begins. Amazingly, both movies are now showing at local cinemas. While I have yet to see the Dark Knight, I am sure the film promises more action and acting (the latter being totally absent from the last Batman flick) thanks to the talented Christian Bale. The only thing, ehem person, that gets in the way of making me excited to see the film is Katie Holmes. No offense to the former Dawson's Creek star's fans, I can't understand why people are so enamored by her since she's not strikingly beautiful. I find her pretty, but definitely not drop-dead gorgeous. And what's the deal with her and Tom Cruise? Some support their so-called relationship but I find it kind of...weird. Oh well, suddenly, Tom's not so hot these days.


I was able to watch the Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie starrer last Philippine Independence Day (Mabuhay po sa ating lahat! Nawa'y malagpasan ng ating bansa ang mga suliranin na hinaharap ng ating gobyerno and ng sambayanang Pilipino) at the newly renovated SM Cinemas in North Edsa. Let me just say that I like Angelina Jolie. She's a really good actress, a devoted mother and a United Nation's Ambassador of Goodwill (aside from being an exotic beauty, of course). On the other hand, Brad Pitt, even at 41, is still hot. Not really a fantastic actor, but his presence always make an impact. There is much hype about this movie; fueled by Pitt's divorce from Jennifer Aniston and his and Jolie's alleged affair while filming Mr. and Mrs. Smith. Then there's that infamous paparazzi shot (sorry, can't find the pic) where in Jolie, her son Maddox and Pitt enjoying quality time by the beach in a Kenyan resort. Actually, the picture did not put any of them in a "compromising" position, meaning, no kissing or hugging or whatever. The shot looked more like this: Pitt was busy helping Maddox sculpt a sand castle while Jolie looks on. Oh yeah, that's a lot to drool about. Nonetheless, the rumors (or maybe not) did helped the movie earn $51 M last weekend and proved a point: Pitt and Jolie make a very sexy couple onscreen.

Again, the "scorching hot" couple Posted by Hello

Overall, I enjoyed the film. The thought of them being assasins was great and they looked cool while doing. While the premise of the movie was not exactly realistic (which makes perfect sense since this is a movie), the film's humour was appreciated by the audience and the fight and action scenes where really good. Meanwhile, if Pitt and Jolie have something serious going on, one should not be surprised...unless you're blind and couldn't understand why. Nonetheless, I am against extr-amarital affairs; but considering this is Hollywood, these things happen...unfortunately. Besides, in my opinion, I doubt there's any man that can resist the appeal of Mrs. Smith.

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