Thursday, March 17, 2005

Eh-hum # 55


While my mom and sister are hooked on
American Idol (also my classmate Jenny, whose post motivated me to do this one), I was more interested in another popular reality show, the Amazing Race 7.

A couple of posts back, I think, I mentioned that I was suppose to comment on the result of the Amazing Race 6. Well, it's simple really: Freddy and Kendra sucked.

I was disappointed that they won because I find them annoying, with all of those unnecessary bickering. Especially the first trip to Africa, when Kendra rudely commented on the unfortunate state of the city/town they visited. Since she's only a model, we can't really expect her to be open-minded of the plight of most African countries.

I was rooting for this team:

Cool Couple of Amazing Race 6 Posted by Hello

I liked Kris and Jon because they rarely fight, they worked together and they were respectful of the people and the culture they encounter along the race. Oh well.

Now, its the seventh season of the race and I bet this season will get more ratings that the last ones because of the these familiar faces:

Reality Show Veterans Posted by Hello

In case you've been missing a lot of quality TV time, Rob and Amber former contestants (or castaways) of the popular Survivor series produced by Mark Burnett. Fans of Survivor might want to see how this couple can managed a race around the world.

While my sister may disagree, I wouldn't mind Rob and Amber winning this season (actually, according to an online poll in the Amazing Race 7's website, they are currently the fan favorite to win). Boston Rob honestly upholds the reality show/game credo: MUST WIN AT ALL COST. He's manipulative and sneaky, classic Survivor strategy indeed. Amber, who seems to be a nice girl, will perhaps try to keep things from getting messy for them. She could be the lucky charm of the group since she won the Survivor All-Star.

While Rob and Amber are seen as a major threat in the race, their presence obviously makes the show more interesting. Hope they won't get eliminated soon. Heheheh.

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