Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Eh-hum # 48

The FIRST POST OF 2005....I pray that this new year will give us the best things this world has to offer and opportunities for us to be better individuals in our chosen paths.

Year of the Rooster

I found this website that gives (Chinese Horoscope) animal predictions for the year 2005. I'm no devout feng shui believer, but I think it wouldn't hurt to be aware of the possible things to come in the year of the wooden rooster. Besides, in every situation, we always have a choice. We should use our free will properly. For my fellow Year of the Monkey people, see a part of the prediction below from http://www.fengshuiweb.co.uk/.

"Playful Monkey may have to adopt a conservative outlook for the year. This is a time to pay attention to details such as manners and not be too forceful with your views. Monkey will enjoy a busy, fun and social life and may get distracted easily. When dealing with others, you need to exercise your charm and eloquence. Romantic encounters are in abundance but hold no high expectations and you will not be easily disappointed. You may have to control your temper in moments of frustration and not over-extend yourself or health may become an issue."

Holiday Recap

Remember my christmas wish list (Eh-hum # 38)? If you're wondering, I was able to acquire two out of ten of the goodies listed: new CDs and a digital camera. Once I figure out how to post pictures without hassle, will write more on this.

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