Monday, December 06, 2004

Eh-hum # 41

Windy Weekend

Yoyong the typhoon scared the hell out of the Filipinos. And why shouldn’t we? At almost 200 KPH and its fury reaching the Visayas (which rarely happens), Yoyong is definitely one mean calamity. On Thursday, classes on all levels were suspended and government employees left their offices at noon, as announced by the President. That afternoon, it started to rain and the wind was beginning to pick up. At that moment, it seems that Yoyong's arrival was several hours early (it was supposed to reach Philippine soil Friday morning), which made the authorities’ decision to postpone the classes a good call. Even though the power was turned off for the rest of the night, the strong winds made my “aircon-less” sleep quite comfortable. On Friday afternoon, it was fortunate that the weather gradually clamed down, making our trip to the mall (SM NORTH, da best!) much easier. I expected to hear some complaints from the public that PAGASA was not entirely correct on its prediction but thankfully, I did not. People in the metropolis should be grateful that the weather was less scary than anticipated. However, my prayers still go to the families, especially in Nueva Ecija and the Quezon Province, greatly affected by the Yoyong and the typhoons before it.

My dad was taking up this instructor’s course at the DAP in Ortigas. Last Friday was supposed to be his final class meeting; however, they postponed it due to the erratic weather. Their class made a very commendable decision early last week: the money that they are supposed to use for their graduation celebration was donated, through the ABS-CBN Foundation, to the victims of the last three (?) typhoons. I was very pleased to see on television hundreds of people offering food and clothing to the typhoon victims. I was more pleased to see that the truckload of smuggled clothes from China confiscated by the Bureau of Customs will also be donated (take that evildoers!!!). It’s amazing how the Filipinos can be compassionate and dependable during these trying times. Unfortunately, it seems that the country is united only during emergencies and life-threatening situations. On normal days, the citizens would complain on just about anything while the government leaders/officials would spend much of their time proving that there are smarter than their colleagues. Just Great.


What better way to spend your Saturday than go to school and do some research work for your MA class? That’s what I exactly did, but am not really complaining. Embarrassing as it is, it was my first time to visit my school’s library and thankfully, I did not make a fool of myself (I might as well carry a sign that says: HELP ME, I’M CLUELESS). The key is observing my undergraduate counterparts which made everything pretty easy. The day went on smoothly, but it turned out for the best: an unexpected reunion with a good (college) friend whom I have not seen since the LOTR: ROTK screening. We spent the whole afternoon talking, with the occasional guitar-playing moments (she, not me). Our conversations were mostly about what we have been up to since our last get together and our plans in the near future. It was great and we laughed like kids.

Since work and now grad school, I miss those moments where in I can just chill with my friends (in short, TAMBAY). I am not a party person and I rarely go out late at night. Boring? Maybe, but that’s just way it is and I am not complaining. A stirring night life may be the priority of some, but I appreciate those intimate moments minus the deafening sounds or the fancy lights (or people losing consciousness). Simple reunions with good food and humorous conversations, that’s for me.


I got rained on a couple of times, which has some adverse effects on my physical well-being. 2 tablets of Decolgen and 4 spoons of Robitussin later, I am still coughing and sniffing while on my way to work. My only consolation is that, I am not riding the Crimson wave anymore. Can’t wait for this coming weekend. Hehehe.

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