Thursday, August 12, 2004

Eh-hum # 14


Yesterday, I took a leave from work just to do some, you know, stuffs. I am always the earliest to arrive in the office, hence, I hold the KEY. Tuesday, I had to give the KEY to an officemate or else they'll be working outside. Now, am back (unfortunately) and it feels weird since I felt I missed a lot of things. Really.

I was at the mall yesterday with my dad to pay their mobile phone bills and to have it terminated. Yes, they've decided to avail of the mobile company's pre-paid services since its much cheaper. While waiting for our number, my mom texted me and told me that my credit card arrived. Aaaahhhh yes, plastic money.

It’s a Master Card (yep, its priceless) and I think its best not to tell my limit. For me, getting a credit card is a very much "adult" thing to do. It’s both exciting and risky. I now have the privilege of buying my own things anytime and anywhere. I don't need to bring loads of money to buy some state of the art gadget. Since its mine, I could spend without my parent's permission. I am ready to unravel the shopper in me (which I rarely see).

But, there is a catch: THE BILL. Yes, yes, yes. We've heard those nasty stories of women (and even men) having huge DEBTS just because they used their cards without hesitation and were not responsible enough to budget their payments. How about that familiar movie scene where the snotty waiter cuts a customer's max out card?

Getting a credit card also means learning how to budget your money, which helps you to become a more responsible person. The temptation to splurge blindly is high, but the consequences are real. I promised myself to use this card for good (and justice, when applicable) and not let my mom or my dad to pay my dues when it comes.

With great power comes great responsibility says Spider-Man's Uncle Ben, and in this case, its purchasing power.

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