Monday, July 19, 2004

Eh-hum # 4

Here we go.

It seems that I am having "problems" updating the Henyo Blog.  Hehehehe. 
Is it because the demand of work? or out of sheer katamaran?  Haynaku.  Why did I made this blog in the first place?  Hmmmm....
Okay.  After giving it some thought, I don't think its a good idea to dwell on this subject.   
So it has come to this.  The Government has decided to pull the country's small (try tiny) contingent from Iraq starting today.  Good move or bad move? 
The US and its allies thinks its a BAD idea, because it gives  the terrorists the "wrong signal" of giving in to their demands.  This move by PGMA is soooo BAD, that "Washington and its other allies were reexamining relations with Manila".  It didn't stop there.  Let me also sight the comment made by TV host and weirdo (as described by Sen. Biazon) Jay Leno that we Filipinos are a bunch of scaredy cats (This strikes me as a bit odd since this is the same guy who, through his show's sketches, would make FUN of President Bush. Not really a credible source, eh?).
Why is it a good move?  A country's foreign policy is an extension of its national interest.  If that is the case, in order to save an innocent life and the rest of the Filipinos in Iraq, the Government made the decision to recall its troops earlier than scheduled.  Whatever option that is for the good of the nation, it is the right option.  In a sense, this is what every sovereign state should be doing.
Aaahhh! Decisions, decisions.
So, the President decided to bring our troops home, even with the fear of a "possible economic retribution from the United States".  In my opinion,  I think the President is doing the right thing, afterall, the Government did jumped in the coalition hastily without any SOLID proof.  Not really sure what intel report this decision was based on but I am guessing this is what most Filipinos wanted.  Majority wins.
Our 51 manned contingent in Iraq is tiny compared to the thousands sent by the US, UK, Australia and other members of the coalition of the willing.  Then why is it such a big deal (NOTE:  We are leaving AHEAD of schedule.  Its not like we promised to stay there, like, forever)?  I am guessing that if more countries participated in this US-led (and without the consent of the United Nations) hunt for Iraqi WMDs, it will considered as legitimate (the end justifies the means).  By the way, where are those pesky WMDs?
So Uncle Sam, give us a break.  Our contingent will be most useful here to deal with the ASG and MILF and this will serve as our commitment in the war against terror.  What's with this so-called economic retribution from the US?  So, we will be "punished" for prioritizing our national interest.  Isn't 
I think this is a good read, it will spare the Filipino people from trying to explain ourselves for the Goverment's decision.

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